What Do We Provide?

Holistic Veterinary Services provides quality at home care specializing in acupuncture, herbal supplements, and nutrition. Based in Miami, Florida.

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Top Groomers

Our professional team provide exceptional grooming service.

V.I.P. Service

We take pride in giving you and your pet personalized attention.

We Love Every Pet

We love every pet, so your pet feel relaxed and stress free.

Our Services


Full Grooming

Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best care in our center.


Our team of pet hair stylists is happy to make your animal look pretty and happy.

Bath & Dry

We use a big range of shampoos for all different coat types and breeds.

Medical Bath

Bathing in our vet bath, using an appropriate shampoo that is kind to pet’s skin.

Our Packages

Deluxe Bath & Groom
Grooming service for a small dog include bathing, ear cleaning and grooming.
From $55
Bath & Full Groom
Our full groom package includes: bath, dry with styling and nail clipping.
From $65
Bath & Tidy Up
Our service for a large dog include nail trim, cleaning, haircut and blow dry.
From $75

"Dr. Johnson did an amazing job with the acupuncture therapies on my dog; she made sure he was comfortable and relaxed at all times while doing the procedure. She has a lot of patience, knowledge, and passion for dogs and cats."

Katherine B.

"Dr. Cynthia Johnson is simply amazing. She treated both of my dogs (miniature dachshunds) with electroshock therapy. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture or electroshock therapy for their pets."

Ray H.
Dwayne T.

"Dr. Johnson was extremely helpful helping my pup Selena! She kept Selena calm throughout the evaluation before starting the session. Seeing how passionate and knowledgeable she truly is I'll be using HVS services again."

Dwayne T.

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